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  • ReWare refurbishes, imports and sells all the units sold under the ReWare brand in accordance with all applicable laws.
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iPhone SE Pricing in South Africa

iPhone SE Pricing in South Africa. The iPhone SE has the rear camera of the iPhone 6s, the front camera of the iPhone 5s, and boasts the A9 processor of the latest flagship iPhone.

Live Photos, 4K video recording, and slow-motion video are all supported by the SE.

The iPhone SE also has Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor and support for NFC and Apple Pay.

It does not support 3D Touch, though, a feature which is still exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

iPhone SE iStore pricing

iStore listed pricing for the iPhone SE as follows.

iPhone SE deal Price p/m Data Minutes SMS Extras
16GB on Vodacom Smart S R399 200MB 75 200 3GB for 3 months, cover worth R500
64GB on Vodacom Smart S R449 200MB 75 200 3GB for 3 months
16GB on iStore Card R396  –
64GB on iStore Card R489  –

Trade-in deals on older iPhones are also available. A summary of the trade-in values and resulting cash pricing is detailed below.

iPhone SE trade-in deals 16GB price 64GB price Trade-in value (up to)
Cash (no trade-in) R8,499 R10,499
iPhone 6 R2,999 R4,999 R5,500
iPhone 5s R5,199 R7,199 R3,300
iPhone 5c R6,499 R8,499 R2,000
iPhone 5 R6,499 R8,499 R2,000
iPhone 4s R7,499 R9,499 R1,000
Trade-in values are dependent on the condition the device is in.


Apple iPhone SE
Dimensions 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm
Weight 113g
Operating system iOS 9.3
Display 4″ Retina (1,136 x 640)
Main camera 12MP iSight
Front camera 1.2MP
Processor 64-bit A9
Memory 16GB/64GB
Battery 1,624mAh
Networks LTE, HSPA+

Cell C Cellphone Contract Requirements

To apply for a Cell C contract you will need to provide all of the following documentation:

Cell C Cellphone Contract Requirements

  • Completed and signed subscriber agreement with all requests for value-added services initialled
  • Proof of income – salary slip or bank statements (a minimum salary of R3000.00 is required)
  • Proof of address (any account depicting an address – postal or residential)
  • A copy of ID, driver’s license or passport
  • A debit order

The documents required vary according to your type of bank account:

Savings Accounts and Transmission Accounts

  • three months’ bank statements OR two months’ bank statements AND a copy of a recent pay slip

Normal Current Accounts

  • one month’s bank statements AND a copy of a recent pay slip
  • Minimum two months’ bank statements AND a cancelled cheque to verify account holder details

Preferential Current Accounts

  • one month’s bank statements OR one month’s internet statements AND a cancelled cheque to verify account holder details
  • cancelled cheque to verify account holder details AND a copy of a linked credit card

Credit Card Accounts
Normal Credit Cards

  • Proof of income or a recent pay slip AND a copy of credit card OR two months’ bank statements AND copy of credit card

Status Credit Cards and Private Banking

  • Cancelled cheque to verify account holder details from linked account AND a copy of credit card OR one month’s bank statements AND a copy of credit card

What do I need to sign up as a corporate client?
Corporate criteria will be applied to any applicant who is not a natural person or individual. There are two categories of Corporate Client and each has its own set of requirements:

Close Corporations and SME’s:

  • Subscriber agreement signed by authorised signatory, clearly indicating packages, duration and VAS
  • Registration documents of CC
  • A recently processed cheque
  • two months’ bank statements reflecting the processed cheque
  • Copies of ID of authorised signatories of bank account
  • Purchase order on a letterhead or with a company stamp
  • Purchase order to be signed by authorised signatory
  • Purchase order clearly specifying packages and duration

Vodacom Cellphone Contract Requirements

Want to apply for a Vodacom Cellphone Contract ? Check the requirements below


• Copy of SA bar-coded identity document or valid passport or valid drivers licence
• Copy of work permit or work contract for 24 months if you are not a permanent resident in South
• Proof of income i.e.: Latest carbonized payslip, latest 3 months bank statements or preferential
credit card or cheque (gold or equivalent)
• Proof of banking details, e.g. cancelled cheque.
• Debit order authorisation (signed on the Application form)


• Copy of member/s or director/s SA bar-coded identity document/s
• Proof of bank account (Bank processed cheque (not a cancelled cheque) which is not older than
90 days)
• Copy of Company / Closed Corporation Registration Documents
• VAT Registration Certificate
• Copy of surety form to be completed
• Debit order authorisation (signed on the Application form)
• Company letterhead with a request to transfer or official purchase order
• Latest 3 months bank statements on the company behalf
• Resolution for any trust, subsidiary companies, organizations and governments
• For Trusts: a letter of authority from the Magistrates Court

Jet Cellular Cellular Deals

Jet Cellular offers top deals at lower prices on all your cell phone needs.Order cellphones and devices from Jet Cellular. Free Delivery on Orders Over R350 if you buy online. Buy on your Thank U account and accumulate thank you points. Order Cellular Deals with MTN, Vodacom and Cell C. View the Jet Cellular catalog and select your preferred deal. Jet Cellular Insurance is there to protect you if in case your cellphone lands in wrong hands.

Jet cellular Deals Requirements

Apply now for a Jet Cellular Cellphone, Wheather you are looking for an iPhone 6 , iPhone 5 , Samsung Galaxy 6 or latest Tablet.

Game Stores Cellular Deals

Game Stores Cellular Deals are designed to meet your absolute
smartphone cellular needs.Chose the cellphone you want which best suits your requirements, liking or your pocket.That is why Game  bring you all the ultra competitive prices for  handsets, and cell phones. Brands like Apple iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and many others. Some Game Cellular Deals come with a free Voucher allowing you to purchase goods of your choice at Game Stores.

Game cellphone contracts can be of your choice of network, Be it  Cell C, Telkom Mobile, Vodacom or MTN. View the weekly leaflet here


Green Connect Cellphone Contracts

Green Connect Cellphone Contracts provides affordable cellphone deals in South Africa.

Requirements for a Telkom Mobile cellphone contract

Telkom Mobile was previously known as 8ta provides cellphone contracts in South Africa

Telkom Cellphone Contract Requirements

  • SA ID book
  • 3 month’s  bank statement
  • Proof of employment

TFG Cellphones

Take advantage of the latest cellphone offers from TFG  From the latest Cellphones, iPhones, Tablets and Laptops you will have your device  in no time.

Browse the catalogue and sign up with MTN, Cell C or Vodacom. TFG operates through the following retail divisions:

TFG Retail Divisions

– Foschini, branded as Foschini, DonnaClaire and Charles & Keith
– Fashion Express
– Markham
– Fabiani
– G-Star Raw
– Exact
– The Sports division, branded as sportscene, Totalsports and Duesouth
– The Jewellery division, branded as American Swiss, Sterns and Mat & May
– @home, branded as @home and @homelivingspace
– hi
– TFG Apparel Supply Company
– TFG Financial Services

Makro Cellphone and Mobile Deals

Makro is a cellular provider of Cell C and Vodacom contracts, pre-paid & upgrade packages. We offer cell phones from most leading brands such as iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and LG.

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